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Playing Basketball

Benefit Disruptors is a healthcare benefits agency committed to helping organizations not only reduce and control their healthcare spend, but provide solutions that work, and improve coverage. We help organizations identify the areas where they can have the biggest impact, through a fully analytical approach. This also helps us understand a company’s needs, overall goals, and what it takes to attract and retain top talent, in combination with the financial component. Healthcare benefit solutions are huge investments for businesses, and what employees are requiring is more complex than ever. Employees are looking for specific types of coverage based on their personal needs, and goes far beyond the traditional health, dental, and vision coverage. Return on Investment (ROI) is more important than ever, and Benefit Disruptors knows how to “drill down”, and build solutions through disruptive innovation.

Why Us?

Benefit Disruptors has experience and background far beyond benefits. Employee benefits cannot and should not be viewed in their own silo. Our consultative and industry background provides our clients a huge advantage. We have the expertise to provide solutions that will positively impact multiple areas of your business. Benefit Disruptors also ensures that our clients are put in a proactive, versus reactive mode, by staying on top of benefit, industry, and geographic trends.

The Difference

By engaging Benefit Disruptors, you recognize a far greater ROI. Our combination of benefit and consultative expertise helps our clients to be much more competitive, put them in a better position to grow, and realize greater profits. When analyzing your entire organization and putting in the best solutions, paying attention to both economics and coverage, it enables you to attract and retain better employees. This ultimately leads to a happier, healthier, more productive workplace culture!

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