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Strategic Fits

Variable Hour Community – Staffing, Restaurants, Hospitality, Home Health, etc.

Benefit Disruptors has put together strategic, comprehensive, and extremely cost-effective healthcare benefit solutions, for industries where variable hour is the norm, turnover is high, recruitment is tougher than ever, and many are unaware of the comprehensive coverages available.


Healthcare benefits, for employees, in these industries, has long been a dilemma. Employers have always struggled with the cost/benefit ROI, and since the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it has only become more difficult. As a result, the cost of compliance often has taken precedence over affordable comprehensive coverage. Business owners have been forced financially to provide work arounds, at the expense of employee benefits.


As these industries struggle to recruit, and retain, employees, comprehensive employee health benefits has become more important than ever. Benefit Disruptors, through a two pronged approach, utilizing our comprehensive Healthcare Management platform, coupled with ACA solutions, provides employers a $0 cost answer with true comprehensive coverage for a large portion of your staff. Also, the tax savings, created by our Healthcare Management platform, can make a large dent in the funding of healthcare benefits for your management, and/or office staff. Benefit Disruptors will show how you can take programs, that were once causing you issues, and turn them into a cost effective, and comprehensive package, enabling you to become an employer of choice, making it easier to recruit, and retain, employees.



Benefit Disruptors provides PEOS powerful, unique, and cost-effective healthcare, and healthcare management, solutions, giving them a huge edge over their competition. The immediate hard dollar savings our Healthcare Management program provides, annually amounts to well over $500 per participating employee, and with our successful PEO experience, we will help you build strong programs designed to attract, and retain, clients. Benefit Disruptors understands what PEO clients are looking for, and, from a cost savings perspective, takes it far beyond the cost control methodologies of workers comp, SUI rates, etc.. We also show our clients multiple ways to deliver comprehensive, and affordable, healthcare benefits, ranging from self-insured to how you, and your clients, can use the ACA Marketplace to everyone’s advantage.

Self-Insured Healthcare Benefits


Over 80% of group healthcare claims derive from only 6-8% of the insured population, and Benefit Disruptors can show you to how bring this component under control. We do not stop there. At any given time, 40-50% of employees are considered to be “at risk”, have one, or more, underlying health conditions, and can quickly fall into the high claimants group. Benefit Disruptors, and our partners, know how to engage, and successfully work with, not only, your “at risk” group, but your entire population, with our transforming Healthcare Management program. Not only will we help to bring your healthcare costs under control, we will provide you a guaranteed ROI the very first month, amounting to over $600 annually, per participant. It is the norm for a 1,000 employee group to save well over $500,000 per year.

Traditional Coverage


Much of what holds true, for self-insured groups, goes for organizations providing traditional group coverage. Benefit Disruptors will still be able to help you recognize your “at risk” population, guide them to a healthier lifestyle, and, at the same time, provide you with a guaranteed hard dollar ROI. With our expertise, and guidance, you will be able to stabilize your healthcare spend, offer a much stronger, cost effective health benefit plan, and lead your employees to a healthier lifestyle, keeping you on a path of being an employer of choice, resulting in a stronger recruitment and retention message, higher employee productivity, and higher profits.

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