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Proposed policy changes to address unaffordability of health care

The gap between those who can afford healthcare coverage and those that can’t, is really nothing new.

When I worked in the restaurant industry many moons ago, I was surrounded by people that made too much to qualify for welfare benefits, and made to little to afford the coverage they needed for themselves and their families. It was difficult to watch some of my coworkers struggle to choose between putting food on the table that week, or taking their child to the urgent care, or even just a simple checkup. There were many that lied about their income in order to qualify for benefits as well. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch as these are the forgotten ones.

This is one of the many reasons I joined Benefit Disruptors. I am passionate about helping people and their families to bridge that gap, allowing them to afford the benefits they deserve! Give us a call or set up a meeting, and let us show what we can do for you and your employees! Free consultation @

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