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Employee productivity is up, but so is burnout

How is this possible? So many people are still working remotely, and while that can be great for creating more of a balance between home and work life, it also has its drawbacks. The article says that employees are also using fewer vacation days, feeling less engaged, and have lower morale. More are seeking support for their mental health as they work a greater number of hours. There are more underlying expectations of those working from home than those that have set hours in an office. Employees may feel the need to “prove” that they are actually working, and may have higher expectation to produce to justify working remotely. I especially felt this way pre-Covid, when I would work from home due to a sick child. If I didn’t immediately respond to an email, or communicate actively (more than I would have at the actual workplace), the perception was that I wasn’t actually working, and just enjoying a day off. Many employees are expected to work through sick days, because are you really so sick that you can’t turn on your laptop and work from bed? The indirect expectation of being on call at almost any hour and even weekends, because of the lack of physical boundary between the workplace and home. They are now merged into one - a blessing and possibly a curse.

On the flip side, more than 70% of respondents said that since the start of the pandemic, commitment to corporate social responsibility, genuine caring by managers, transparent communication by leaders, and collaborative technology have changed for the better. This is GREAT news, and a little silver lining post pandemic. Company culture is so important. It’s what gets people out of bed in the morning, ready to give their best effort. It’s the sense of pride one has, representing their company of employment. Benefit Disruptors can help with that! Our bolt-on benefits packages include programs that employees actually WANT, at ZERO cost to employers, and actual dollars added to participating employee paychecks! Be the leader that cares about your employees (and their families), and give them the benefits they want and deserve!

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