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Employers: The American Rescue Plan could increase your risk of ACA non-compliance

If you are in the staffing industry, you will want to rethink your hiring practices, if you hire all employees as full-time. In record numbers, people are going to the ACA Marketplace for their health insurance, because of high subsidization. Plans formerly costing $250, and more, per month, are now, in many cases, at $0 premium. Strong Silver level plans may cost as little as $20 per month, and all of this includes family coverage. If employees are being hired as full-time, but not working the hours, employers could easily fall out of compliance, and be subject to Penalty B, which is $4,060. Be on the lookout for 226-J Letters, which in itself, will be costly to respond to. Benefit Disruptors can show you, at no cost, how to make the ACA Marketplace work to your advantage.

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