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Survey: HR leaders dealing with employee work-life balance post-pandemic

The pandemic truly had more of an effect on the workplace in the long term than I think we all thought it would. As much as we desire to “bounce back” persay, it’s become quite the challenge to get the gears moving in full speed again.

Many factors are to blame for this, one in particular from the survey in this article amongst both employees and HR is for personal downtime to be respected. COVID was the initial cause for employees to be forced to work remotely. This was quite a challenge because, in a sense, employees felt like they were working harder in order to prove to their superiors their productivity, and remain in their positions. This can be very stressful as it actually takes away from productivity and adds a fight or flight element to the job, which can eventually lead to burnout, another huge reason for many employees to begin the search for a new or different job.

What is your work culture like? Can you relate?

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