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Understanding How Your Personal Life Affects You In The Workplace

There is so much TRUTH in this article!!! How many of you have had a sick kid, but had to work, and then you stressed yourself out trying to decide what course of action to take? Maybe a nasty divorce is on your mind, and your are worrying about legal costs. Maybe long working hours or a work cell phone is constantly going off even in your downtime, keeping you away from your family time and angering your spouse. Whatever the circumstance may be, most, if not all of us carry some lingering effects of those stresses with us to work, and it affects our productivity and attentiveness at some level. I believe that we can all relate one way or another.

Here at Benefit Disruptors, we acknowledge these issues, and can definitely relate. We have found ways that you can help your employees, on some levels, manage their stress, and give them peace of mind - at $0 cost to you. We offer a wide variety of programs ranging from FREE telemedicine for employees and their families, to personal training, personal legal assistance, and SO MUCH MORE, all for $0 cost to employers AND employees.

You literally have nothing to lose, and there is no obligation with our free consultation. Let us show you how YOU can be the hero, and provide your best people with benefits they never dreamed possible.

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