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When it comes to supporting employees’ mental health, words matter, but actions matter more

I know I have said this before, but if there is any silver lining that came from the pandemic, it’s this. It pushed discussions about mental health out of the realm of taboo and into the spotlight. I think that this is absolutely wonderful. Mental health is so very important, and it impacts every single part of our lives. It’s sad that it took a pandemic to get here, but hey, whatever it takes I guess.

This article also addresses the holistic approach for employers which includes:

  1. Health benefits that incorporate coverage for mental health conditions.

  2. Supplemental Insurance

  3. Other perks that promote mental health

  4. Workplace policies that promote mental wellbeing

  5. Creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable discussing mental health concerns

  6. Encouraging managers to be intentional about checking in with their direct reports

Did you know that Benefit Disruptors offers mental health benefits and telemedicine - at ZERO cost to the employer and employee?? In fact, our program not only provides tax SAVINGS to employers, but in most cases, actually adds hard dollars to employee paychecks! We’ve done our research, and we know what benefits employees are demanding. Let us help you attract and retain your best talent!

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