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These 5 Brain Tricks Can Bring You Closer to Your Fitness Goals, Says a Neuroscientist

Wow did I need to read this!!! A little TMI, but I want to share. I have been under an enormous amount of stress for the past year. Lots of complete life changes, and major adjustments have been made. A few things that I have really learned to recently embrace is routine exercise - whether it’s going out for a run, riding my Peloton, or simply doing an intense workout my gymnast daughter put together for me. Meditation is a huge new activity of importance in my life as well. I use an app called Aura for all types of meditation, and it has been an amazing journey for me! I also have learned, truly learned, the importance of winding down and rest. Being a single mom of four, it can really be a challenge at times, but I am learning to put down whatever it is I’m doing, and make my sleeping hours a priority.

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